The second stage of the opening of the game world Lich King x5!

Good day ladies and gentlemen!

I would like to provide some news regarding the game world of Lich King x5.
By the end of August, we plan to move the game world to the next phase of available content, namely:

  • PvP:
    • start of the 6th arena season
    • Raising the rates for Conquest Points and Honor Points by 2 times
    • switching the game world to PvP mode
  • PvE:
    • opening of the raid zone Ulduar in all modes (to compensate for the difference in patches, the health of monsters in the raid dungeon will be increased by 30%)
    • introduction of the challenge mode for heroic dungeons (analogous to the era mode + from the Legion add-on)
    • Introduction of Challenge Mode for the Naxxramas Raid Zone
The preliminary date of the new stage is August 20.
Details of Challenge Modes will appear later in separate topics.
p/s information in this topic can be supplemented or changed.