WoTLK Beta Testing

After several years of work on the new Wrath of The Lich King core, we transfer it from alpha development to the beta testing stage, after the beta testing is over, the kernel will be installed on game realms, and a new WoTLK x5 realm will be launched with a large-scale advertising company (terms for kernel readiness after beta testing).

And so, what's new in the new core?
 - The game world is completely redesigned, all locations are scripted (the world looks alive)
 - Completely redesigned quest chains and the most scripted
 - Maximum performance dungeon
 - Maximum raid performance (IR, ICh, RS, TsLK, Ulduar - rewritten from scratch)
 - New transport system
 - Reworked class abilities
 - Rewritten the movie system
 - Developed a new anti-cheat

We need your help! To debug and fix bugs after such a long work on the kernel, we need testers who can find bugs and compile reports on them to fix bugs and shortcomings.